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Why Customer Service Matters

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If you've ever wondered why I have such lenient customer service policies, I'd love to tell you.  If you're not familiar with my policies, you can find them here.  I think the highlights would be that you can return or exchange an item whenever you want and I'll pay for the shipping costs- both ways.  I'll also repair anything for free and often replace lost earrings for free too.   I like to go out of my way to make my customer happy because I wouldn't have this job if I didn't have the most amazing customers in the world.  
I've had several retail jobs in the past in which I had to constantly give customers the bad news about returns and refunds.  It's easy to make strict rules when you don't have to be the one to say 'no' to people's faces everyday.  So, when it came to deciding how I was going to run my business, I wanted to treat my customers how I wish I could have treated all those people I said no to in the past- how I want to be treated.  

I've been meaning to write something about customer service for awhile now, but was prompted to today because I just got off the phone after a very frustrating customer service call with another online retail company.  To sum it up, I was shipped the wrong shoes, so I tried calling, was put on hold for too long and then decided to reorder the shoes and send an email about it.  I need the shoes before next Friday, so I didn't have time to wait.  I then received this response: "Michelle, unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that the next pair you will receive will be in color black."  And in case you're wondering, it wasn't a cheap add on item from Amazon where they tell you that they can't guarantee the item's color.  They are an exclusive online only shoe design that are not on sale.  And they're telling me they can't guarantee that I get the correct shoes the second time?!?  I was enraged.  I still am.  So I called and read the email to their customer service rep.  She explained that what that person meant was that they can't start an investigation into why the wrong shoes were shipped to me until I receive the wrong pair 2 times.  2 TIMES!  

And that is why I will do just about anything (crazy or not) to keep my customers happy.  I hope that some day it's the small, independent businesses that people look to support first because quality and customer service matter more than getting a deal or how fast it can be delivered to your door.  

And now, I'd like to open things up for you to tell your good customer service stories.  We all have the bad ones- let's talk about the amazing ones.