Moving/End of Year Thoughts

Moving/End of Year Thoughts

While my posts in this "sketchbook" have certainly not been polished- far from it, I was originally intending for it to be a lot rougher.  I wanted to give a glimpse into the real behind the scenes that often gets edited out on other social media channels.  I remember when I was still figuring my business out, I would look at other jewelry designers and see what they were doing.  Some had blogs on their websites, but they weren't anything like blogs are today.  It would be a few totally imperfect photos and a paragraph about what they were up to.  And I loved getting to feel like I knew the designers because I saw where they worked and lived and their struggles and victories.  I wanted this space to feel more like that.  I'm hoping that when my studio and living spaces get blended back together in the next couple weeks, that I feel more comfortable finding the time to share those little moments similar to the ones that inspired me to keep working a decade ago.  

This next week, I plan to start cleaning my apartment to make room for my studio (and Steve's studio) which we are moving into our small one bedroom apartment.  This move might seem totally backwards to most people, but we've decided that we will work better if we don't have to commute to the studio and can work at any time of the day. We're also looking forward to having more privacy- our current space doesn't have walls that go to the ceiling!  And I won't even try to describe the bathroom situation.

Above are photos of my current messy studio (left) and my future messy studio (right).  I'm going from one tiny window to an entire wall of windows.  I'm also going from sharing a 400 square foot space to having my own tiny space.  I love change and a good challenge.  I also love the end of every year because it's when things start to slow down and it gives me time to reflect on how my plans went during the current year and what changes I can make for the next year.  

Coming soon- lots of end of year lists!  And probably pictures of moving boxes all over my apartment.....


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