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Somehow it's already been a month since I wrote on here last.  Oops, sorry.  It's been a busy year so far.  In early January, I packed up my studio and moved it into my apartment and my daily routine has completely changed for the better.  Life is a little slower, less stressful.  But I still need to figure out how to take a day off since I've worked more weekends than not this year.  

Last week, I went to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show and dragged my friend Monica along for the ride.  It's definitely the most focused I've ever been at a gem show- usually I come home with a lot of pretty things that I end up never using.  I spent my time on the flights to and from Tucson working out the designs for this year and part of the next- which you would think would be great, but it's left me totally distracted.  And then today, the box full of stones that I bought at the show arrived and I don't think I can make anything else until I get to play with them.  Just getting the ideas on paper isn't enough, I need to push beads and findings around on my desk until I'm satisfied.  

If you're curious, here's my current plan for the next year of collections.

Summer 2016: Green Aventurine + Pink Opal

Fall 2016: Lapis + Labradorite

Holiday 2016: Mother of Pearl + Onyx

Spring 2017: Feldspar + Moonstone + Australian Opal????

Don't hold me to it though ;)